Level 2 will suit you if you are a warehouse or storage operative and want to have your skills recognised by a national qualification. This could also form part of an apprenticeship.
You will need to complete two mandatory units at this level:
  • Health, safety and security at work
  • Develop effective working relationships with colleagues in logistics operations.
You also complete a minimum of 19 credits from a range of optional units that includes:
  • Process orders for customers in logistics operations
  • Use a compact crane in logistics operations
  • Use a forklift side-loader in logistics operations
  • Contribute to the provision of customer care in logistics operations.

See more at: https://www.cityandguilds.com/qualifications-and-apprenticeships/retail-and-warehousing/warehousingdistribution/1016-warehousing-and-storage#tab=information&acc=level2