Mission Statement

“To deliver, in conjunction with our training partners, a high quality education and training service, appropriate to the lifelong learning needs and aspirations of our students.”

Vision Statement

“To be the training organisation of choice in our selected catchment areas”

Strategic Aims
Meet recruitment and funding targets as agreed with DEL and other partners.
Develop long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with the Business Community.
Provide a curriculum of training that meets the needs of students and stakeholders.
Continually improve the standards of teaching, learning and assessment.
Provide a range of ways for the learner voice to influence decision making and strategic planning.
Continuously improve the success of students compared with national averages.
Deliver high levels of added value and promote positive progression for all students.
Achieve consistently high levels of student retention.
Maximise Resource Efficiency.
Maintain a highly trained, motivated workforce appropriate to the needs of the organisation.
Provide a high quality learning environment for all students.
Core Values

Throughout all our activities and programmes, Larne Skills Development will continue to promote equality and celebrate diversity, and contribute to the development of the workforce in our local area.
Understanding, Respect, Professionalism, Unity, Enthusiasm, Ambition and Pride will be central to everything we do for our students.

Protecting our Students
(A Note for Parents & Students)

Larne Skills Development complies with the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adult (NI) Order 2003. In addition to ensuring that all staff are vetted in accordance with the legislation, comprehensive policies, procedures and codes of practice are in situ that further ensure the wellbeing of all our learners. A full list of our company policies, together with the policy documents, are available for any interested parent or guardian on request from our main training site in Larne. The following is a brief outline of policies relative to Child Protection.

Pastoral Care
The wellbeing of our students is very important to us. Our student welfare/pastoral care department was formed to meet the needs of our students. In addition to ensuring the safety of our students whilst on our premises, all our staff undergo rigorous checks and regular training on matters pertaining to Child and Vulnerable Adult protection. Our Pastoral Care Team is made up of dedicated staff who are always available to assist students with problems at Larne Skills, Work or even at Home; this includes counselling service and employment law specialists.

Bullying & Harassment
Bullying can be detrimental to a students ability to progress their qualification and can have a lasting effect on lives. A comprehensive procedure is in place for reporting and dealing with any aspect of bullying; physical, mental or emotional. Our staff are trained to deal with any arising situation and a concise code of practice exists to ensure non-continuance. Although historically our organisation has never had major issues of bullying/harassment, we would aim to encourage parental involvement (should the need arise) in helping us to deal with any situations that may occur.