Training for Success (TfS) is a Department for Employment and Learning funded training programme, designed for young people aged 16-18 years (*up to 24 years for those of you requiring additional support). It focuses on the extra learning you may need and will help you develop Life and Work Skills alongside the vocational skills and qualifications you require to obtain employment. This scheme is available for all new entrants from September 2013.

TfS learners will benefit from a suite of qualifications that will ensure their future employability within the vocational area of their choice. In addition to the qualification listed below, enhanced and specialised training is provided to embed basic life and employment skills ensuring that confidence is developed allowing for entry into employment.

As a student you will complete the following qualifications:

Level 1 Certificate in Personal Life Skills
Level 1 Certificate in Employability
Vocational Level 1 Certificate (eg. Level 1 Certificate in Engineering)
Vocational Level 2 Diploma (eg. Level 2 Diploma in Engineering)
Vocational Level 2 NVQ (eg. Level 2 Certificate in Performing Engineering Operations)
In addition, those students who have not attained GCSE grade A-C in English, Maths or Computing will undertake Essential Skills qualifications in Communication, Application of Number and ICT at a level appropriate to their ability and needs.

To further improve the chances of gaining employment, a number of short courses are held that will develop skills employers are looking for. These courses compliment the suite of qualifications being undertaken and include:

Confidence Building
Interview Skills
Motivation Skills
Life and Work Skills
Training for Success is currently delivered across two programmes:

Skills for Your Life

Addressing personal and development needs and focussing on improving confidence whilst completing basic qualifications, this tier of training is available to young people with very little or no academic achievements. The primary aim of this scheme is to develop a skillset and qualifications that will enable progression onto the Skills for Work programme.

Skills for Work

Helping you to gain a variety of skills and qualifications to assist you in gaining employment and perhaps even progressing onto the AppenticeshipNI program.

We work closely with employers to ensure that you are provided with work experience or job sampling in your chosen training subject. Job experience and job sampling is based on your needs and gives you the chance to experience different workplaces and decide what sort of work suits you best. We will help you develop a personal development plan.

We also work with specialist organisations to provide additional support for individuals who require it, for example people with disabilities, so that they can benefit fully from training.

The Training for Success provision will focus on the extra learning you need to help you develop Life and Work Skills. You will receive your skills training and your NVQ Level 1 qualification. You will then be ready to move onto the next level of training, into employment or perhaps into an apprenticeship provision.

Once you go into training through one of the components of Training for Success you automatically qualify for a non means tested Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) of £40 per week. If your parent(s)/guardian(s) receive Income Support, means tested Job Seeker’s Allowance or Housing Benefit, that benefit will not be affected by the EMA. If you are entitled to one of these benefits in your own right that benefit will not be affected either. Your parent(s)/guardian(s) will also be entitled to receive Child Benefit & Child Tax Credit provided all other conditions for receipt of the benefits are met. Travel, lodging and childcare allowances may be paid depending on individual circumstances. You can discuss this with us.

Your training will help you:

Gain relevant qualifications to help you on the road to employment
Progress in the workplace
Get ahead in your chosen career